Having a pit bull means that you have a wonderful family!


Recently, during the past month at the MCHS all the thick dogs have been totally recovered, and now the word “illness” has been disappeared.

Though we sometimes have some problems to place dogs, but the adoption process is going well. This week, two pit bulls have been adopted.junior001

Nikki is an adorable blue pit bull that has been adopted by a single guy who is planning seriously to work with her in obedience. Nikki was pulled from APL and was treated for heartworm. She is an energetic and cute dog.


Boozie, is a quiet and beautiful dog, her beautiful toned face makes her look like a clown. Boozie was found ill in the streets and she received an intensive medical care. The kindhearted woman who found her was planning to adopt her, but her dog was annoyed when he saw her. Now Boozie is totally recovered and she has been adopted by a gorgeous woman and a little girl.

Many wonderful pit bulls have been adopted   by wonderful families. Other pit bulls are also adopted into homes with children that are suffering from autism. Pit bulls are sensitive breeds and it seems that they can cope with special needs children.

Actually, we are concerned with kittens and puppies. Orphaned kittens and teeny puppies need intensive and special care. We are keeping them warm on a heating small pillow and feeding them special alternative formula milk. Which is more important to be mentioned is rubbing their little bottoms with a warm and soft cotton ball in order to poo easily. You also have to know that cow milk is harmful for them. Don’t ever hesitate to ask any question regarding this process as we will always be there for any help.

The ASPCA national magazine had posted an interesting article about transferring wild animals to another place. The effect of human hunting and relocating was controlling my mind as we can live in woods near the rivers coping with wild animals. We are also interested when watching the interaction of many species. We don’t have any problem with raccoons.

The advice of the ASPCA is that you have to be sure that you are providing a safe crawl space areas that are closed well so that the little critters can’t crawl in and nest. The survival percentage of a relocated animal is only10 percent. So if we decide to make this process, we are actually killing them.

Regarding the ASPCA’s analogy, you have to think aging about the relocation idea. Imagine that you are dropped into a strange country and you don’t know its language or any familiar place to hide in it from predators. Did you ever think that relocation is a bad process? You have to stop considering relocation humane. Actually, I have never experience such a situation. A false allegation is that all raccoons have rabies.

Now, the truth is revealed for all pit bull lovers. All media announcers now understand well that the media hype and political agendas were the main reason of the bad reputation of the pit bulls. People who are still thinking that pit bull breed is diabolical are having misunderstanding and they are seriously disturbed. Special thanks to people who rapidly understand and changed their minds about this breed like Susie Schieve.

American Pit Bull Terrier is just a dog.  Though this breed is a beautiful example of loyalty but, he is also a clear example of human depravity. Thankfully and finally, pit bulls came to a happy end and a bright future is waiting for them.

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