Her Family Abandoned Her Because She Was Too Old, Let’s Help Her.

Laci in the shelter.

Laci in the shelter.

  • On May 7th, Laci’s family gave her to the shelter because she was too old for them.
  • Shelter dogs are in grave danger because of euthanization.
  • Together, we, dog lovers, can save all these adorable pups and find them new, loving homes.

It goes without saying, dogs are loyal. However, not all human beings are as faithful as our four-legged friends. Unlike pups, humans are inherently flawed. Our story today is heartbreaking, yet together, we can paint a happy ending and end the suffering of a poor creature.

Laci, a thirteen-year-old Shih Tzu, was abandoned by her family under the excuse of her seniority. After all the dedication and the memories, I find it hard to believe how someone could easily let go of his life-long companion under such pretext, but we are not here to judge.

On May 7th, in Gardenia, California, she was surrendered to Carson Animal Shelter; “She was too old,” her old family said. Imagine how she felt; after spending thirteen years at her home with her family, she woke up to find herself locked in a cage, with strangers passing her by every now and then. The poor thing doesn’t recognise anyone around her; the whole situation is unfathomable to her.


Saving Carson Shelter Dogs is an unofficial page managed by volunteers and dog rescuers; their aim is to spread the stories of shelter dogs in the hope of raising their adoption chances. Recently, they posted a horrifying fact: Shelters have the legal power to euthanise dogs if the shelter is at full capacity. Laci and other dogs in her position are in grave danger, but if we stood together everywhere, we can put an end to this. We owe it to our pet friends to be at their sides. If you are capable of adopting a shelter dog, you should do it as soon as possible.

It is not our job to stop people from taking selfish decisions, but it is our obligation to right the wrong. Laci’s family did the wrong thing, but our community can set things straight. Help us find a new home for Laci and the hundred other dogs in shelters.


You heart will break once you see this video. Please help her.


Share this story with all your friends and family; together we can help her.

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