Important 17 Things you’re told about Dogs That Are Totally Wrong

Important 17 Things you’re told about Dogs That Are Totally Wrong

Dogs and humans have been living side-by-side for a very long time, so you might think we know each other pretty well.

But there’s more than fetching and playing dead.

Here are some little-known facts about man’s best friend.

When we asked about the human’s best friend some of the first things that perhaps come to mind are playful, fun loving and all around life.


However, there are a few other things said out there about our puppies that are simply wrong.

1.Cats and dogs hate each other / there is no combination between cats and dogs:

unnaturally this is not always true.


2.They are work too much:

we would say they are energetic.


3.Bit pulls are detrimental:

Pit Bulls are familiar dogs and they didn’t attack any person unless a stranger hurts his family, just as kind and patient as any other dog breed when raised in a loving environment.


4.They would grow out of chewing in no time:

Three years later then this?

You should register your dog in obedience class!


5.They can eat table graze:

you should make sure and check what kind of food do they eat?

Because not all the scrapes are safe for dogs.

Be always preferred asking the vet first before feeding anything new for your dog.


6.They all want you to pet them:

there are different kinds of dogs, each one of them has different personality and behaviors.

While some dogs go crazy for a belly rub, others don’t want to take a look. So, check the personality before petting.


7.They pee on fire hydrants:

they like to pee on the kitchen floor, under trees, in the garden and its all fair game to them.


8.Dogs are color blind:

however humans can see different colors they can see just black, white and gray.


9.When the dogs are sick, they eat grass:

you should always check with your vet if you think your dog may be ill.

The wild dogs can eat grass because it’s a normal part of their diet.


10.A wagging tail means they are happy:

your dog’s wagging tail might mean they are mad at you, it isn’t always the case.

Dogs use their tail to show signs of happiness as well as aggression and agitation.


11.They can eat leftover dinner bones:

Do NOT give to your dog leftover bones.

Cooked dinner bones can fragment and may be cause internal injuries.


12.A dog licking his wounds heals them:

this is the best time to call the veterinarian if your dog has an open wound.


13.All dogs love each others:

Some dogs would rather not socialize with other four-pawed creatures, and that’s okay.


14. All small dogs love to be dressed up:

some dogs prefer to be UN normal. They like to be dressed up.


 15.Dogs need to wear jackets in the winter:

many dogs have to wear jackets in the water to prevent them from cold weather.


16.You need to take dogs to the groomer:

some breeds need just nail clipping regularly, but some others need regularly cut their hair because groomers have the experience and equipment to keep your pup properly groomed safely.


17.Dogs need to be professionally trained.

If your dog hasn’t any behavior and manners, you should train him by training classes or apps.


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