Muscles And Puppies, This Definitely Should Be YOUR New Calendar

It’s this time of the year again, the time of choices, surprises and spending lots of time with your family!

Yup, Holiday season is here, and it’s the time of the year that we wait so eagerly for many reason, one of those reasons is choosing a new Calendar for the new year, and this year there is some wonderful choices to choose from.

Dog lovers this year do not suffer from shortage in choices, there are many great ones out there. For example, pit bull lovers alone have so many different choices as we have seen here, and you can’t forget about the one where Firemen and Shelter dogs got together to pose for, this has to be on the top candidates!.


This one also has some good looking fellas, and although on one could complain about gazing at buff firemen cradling puppies in their muscles, this is not even the best part of it.

Muscles and puppies, and it’s all for a very good cause

Do you know what the best part is? It’s that the proceeds of it benefit the Charleston Animal Society’s Toby’s Fund,  This means you are helping to pay for the medical care of animals in need and the rehabilitation and rehoming of those dogs.


Last year’s calendar  did the good job of raising a net $250,000.


This year there’s an added bonus, one of the stars is a dog who has captured our hearts and made our tears come down as we read her story. Cailtyn, the pit bull who was severely abused has recovered and found a new home since, and she is now one of the stars of this  2016 Calendar.


The price for all of this? just $20, and you can have it from  here.

We would just like to thank those Firemen, the fact that they are doing this to help the dogs in need truly shows that those men have the biggest hearts.

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