The Necessity of Taking Your Dog Out for a Walk

As a dog parent, there’s one essential point you must be aware of: dogs need walks. It’s not a matter of whether the dogs themselves are eager for the walks or not – which let’s face it, the majority are all for it. But walking your dog comes with a myriad of benefits for both you as a dog parent and your dogs themselves. However, as vital as walks are to dogs, a lot of points need to be taken into consideration before and during them to ensure the walk with all its benefits are fully realized.


To start it off, let’s talk benefits.


Aside from the obvious bonding experience between you and your dog, as walking together can allow both of you to spend more quality time together and have a better relationship, it can force you yourself to leave the house and get out more. The bonus in that is that it allows you to always make time for your dog that will be precious to the both of you, so that you’re not too preoccupied with life’s many responsibilities to spend good time together, which in turn builds trust and a strong bond.


Gaining extra weight can be bad for dogs and leads to issues such as osteoarthritis, cardiovascular disease, liver disease and insulin resistance. Walks improve their health immensely, lowering their blood pressure, aiding them in building muscles and even strengthening their bones, making this exercise a vital one to be implemented on a daily basis.


Dogs also need of exercise to expel some of the pent up energy that might negatively cause trouble at home if suppressed for too long. Some dogs have behavioral problems that have them acting out, whether to seek attention or mere restfulness, or other reasons different to those, long walks that bridge your relationship and allow them room and exercise to get them feeling more in control can be of great help to their temperament.


Now onto what you need to be prepared with.


When taking your dog out for a walk you need to have the perfect leash that doesn’t put much strain on your dog’s neck. In fact, Treat Your Paw has an extensive collection of leashes that will fit your needs perfectly, to help you ensure your walk with your buddy – or buddies if you have more than one dog – a comfortable and enjoyable one. From harnesses to detachable leashes, waist leashes and others that ease the process.


A necessary thing to keep in mind is hydration, yours, as well as your dog’s. Long walks can be strenuous and no need to go for long without water when our portable bottles can help you hydrate your dog on the go without looking for a water source.


All in all, keep your dog happy and healthy, take them out for a walk.

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