No More Dog Slaughter In South Korea Now


The dog slaughter has been banned in South Korea’s largest markets and the slaughter facilities will be removed next week.

“Dogs feel pain like humans.”

Officials have come to an agreement with the vendors of the market in the city of Seongnam to stop the slaughter of dogs. The Moran market will witness the removal of slaughter facilities next week. The 22 dog meat vendors at the market that sell dog meat will receive financial support to enable them to convert to different lines of business.

Seongnam Mayor Lee Jae-myung explained that the initiative is for the welfare of animals and the reputation of the city. He quoted Gandhi by saying that you can judge the greatness of a city by the welfare of its animals.

the Korean Animal Welfare Association has welcomed the initiative. However, they are concerned if it will be fully implemented. They added saying that they will continue monitoring the shops to make sure they stop butchering dogs.

Free the dogs.

The association suggested that the government will continue pushing the idea to completely ban the business.

Moran Market supplies one-third of the dog meat consumed in South Korea. If you go through the market, you will be shocked by the signs of these shops advertising that they sell dog meat.

locals and welfare group have always filled complaints about how these shops kill dogs on the spot. They explained how they follow brutal ways to kill the poor dogs for their meat.

On the other hand,  there is a part of Korean culinary tradition which has eating meat as part of their tradition. People can notice how consumption has declined sharply in recent years, with the same period seeing a large rise in pet ownership.

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