Pamper Your Kitten

If you’re willingly bringing an adorable little kitten into your life, you need to always keep in mind that you’re not bringing in a toy to your household, but a real living being you fully intend to care for as they need to be cared for. Which in turn means, you’re not merely obligated to feed them, clean after them and take them to the vet. No, the commitment goes beyond that since the kitten has become a part of your family and you need to treat them as such, meaning: you need to indulge them.


Think of it this way, if you were to have a child, how would you treat them? Kittens are children you haven’t born yourself but chose to make part of your family. They deserve love, affection and constant attention just like any child out there, and it’s your duty to provide them with all of that. As such, when you have a child you don’t just think of the diapers, milk, bottles, and clothes, you also think of the toys, cribs, and whatever else that might make them happy. Now, what makes you think that cats shouldn’t be treated the same? That their happiness and comfort shouldn’t be a priority for you?


Now, granted, keeping up with the energy a young kitten has might be ridiculously exhausting at times, but there are alternatives to keeping them bored with nothing to do. Treat Your Paw can provide you with various toys that can keep the boredom at bay for your kitten, from laser toys they can chase around, to balls that twirl in a disc tower, and rotating butterfly toys that will just keep going and give you room to relax and take a break.


Cats are also curious creatures that love being outside or at the very least looking outside. They love perching on window sills, climbing on top of high pieces of furniture around your house, and just staying apprised of everything going on from up high. Which is why our window hammocks will be great for them! You can hang them on the window or even on the wall or the back of a door, giving your cat a great place to lounge and view everything in the surrounding.


In addition, there’s a cat’s inherent love of being scratched to think of. They can stay in place all day if you start doing that, but to avoid getting a cramp and actually do things around your house without feeling guilty for abandoning your cat, a self-grooming arch will be more than up to the trick. Another thing your cat will love would be a catnip chew stick. It will both clean your cat’s teeth, as well as give them something to chew on and enjoy.


All in all, there are so many ways to show your cat love and give them the care they need. Make sure to think of all the ways you can do that and indulge your cat every now and then. Cat’s are wonderful creatures and it’s a privilege to have them in our lives.

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