Parents Turn Their Kid’s Dog Toy Into A Real One, And It’s Heart-Melting

Christmas wish comes true, as parents surprise their daughter with a real dog in place of her stuffed dog toy. 

Watch the incredible video down below. 


The parents spent weeks after weeks planning for this big surprise, and Daisy knew little of what her parents had planned for her.

Once everything was in place, the parents sat their little Daisy on the couch and asked her about her Christmas wish; she held her stuffed dog toy, Luna, closer and wished for her to be a real puppy.

Luna before receiving her gift.

Her daddy then asked her to close her eyes for the big surprise, and I don’t think she was prepared for what came next. Her mom came closer and replaced toy Luna, with a real dog with the same name.

Daisy’s reaction was priceless; she gushed with tears in her eyes, thanking her mom for her new dog!

Daisy after receiving her gift! Look how she is crying out of joy.

She then began to cry some happy tears; finally, her wish became true, and now, she has a loyal dog friend, who she can love for years to come!

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