This Photo Of A Small Dog Kissing A Fish Has Started An Internet Photoshop Battle

Photo of a dog kissing a golden fish has started an epic photoshop battle, and it’s getting hilariously out of hand.┬á

Sometimes, a photo could provoke the internet into starting epic photoshop battles, like that one time Kim Kardashian broke the internet, so the internet responded with an explosion of photoshop photos; no one knows exactly how it starts, but once it does, there isn’t any person who could put an end to it.

This photo of a cute, little dog kissing a golden fish appeared recently, and ever since, photoshop user could not hold themselves, a surge of hilarious photoshopped photos appeared, and it is beyond funny!

1. Here is the original photo that started this photoshop frenzy.

2. Here is how it should have looked like in Titanic.

Hopefully, this time, Jack is a great swimmer.

3. Reverse action.

I have a feeling that this couple isn’t going to last.

4. World War II edition.

5. Valentine’s day Kiss Cam.

6. No, wait, this didn’t just happen, right?!

Thank you, internet for showing the best in people.

The last one made me crack out from laughing! Although photoshop can sometimes get cruel on the internet, these ones are a harmless comedy!

Tell us which one is your favorite? Can you use photoshop? If so, show us your best and send us a photoshopped photo of this unlikely couple!

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