Police Officer Drives Basset Hound More Than 650 Miles To Her Home And Other Interesting Animal Stories

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This Police officer drove for hours before reaching South Carolina to return Bella to her owners.

This Police officer drove for hours before reaching South Carolina to return Bella to her owners.

1. Basset returned to her daddy.

When a New Jersey police officer found a Basset Hound named Bella on her own, he knew he had to take care of her. The poor thing was traveling to New Jersey with one of her South Carolinian owners when the man had a medical emergency and was transported to the hospital immediately.

Wall Township officer Frank Kuhl arrived at the scene and took Bella to a local animal shelter, where she remained there without further notice.

One week later, Bella’s owner was back in South Carolina and could not travel to New Jersey to retrieve his Basset Hound. Kuhl admits that the situation broke his heart, and deep down, he knew he must offer help; the caring officer had brought Bella to live with him for two weeks before driving her 650 miles home to South Carolina; what a great human being!

2. Newly discovered bird species is already extinct.

One of the latest species to be discovered in the Galápagos Islands, the Cristóbal Island Vermilion Flycatcher, has gone extinct, making it the first modern Galápagos bird species to go extinct. The colorful has not been spotted since 1987, making scientists believe that it went extinct.

“Species of bird that may be extinct in the Galápagos is a big deal,” says scientists Jack Dumbacher. “This marks an important landmark for conservation in the Galápagos, and a call to arms to understand why these birds have declined.” The study was published in the journal Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution.

3. Rare Arabian sand cat spotted for the first time in 10 years.

Last year in the United Arab Emirates, three individual Arabian sand cats were spotted; it was the first time these carnivores were seen in 10 years.

Arabian sand cats are losing habitat and scientists are studying them now for the possibility of creating a suitable protective area.

The trio's debut at the zoo.

The trio’s debut at the zoo.

4. Rare lion cub trio appears for the first time.

Three endangered Asiatic lion cubs made their public debut at Cotswold Wildlife ParkEngland. The newly born female cubs Kali, Sita, and Sonika were born on the 25th on May, and just this week, they were reunited with their father.

It’s believed that only about 500 of the rare cats remain in the wild, in only one area in India the Gir Forest

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