Prince George Is Accused Of Being A Monster For His Innocent Act Of Offering His Dog Ice Cream

Prince George is accused of animal abuse, because of a photo that shows him feeding his dog ice cream.

The tabloids have called him “The Monster of London,” but should we really be giving Prince George such a hard time? The medis is waging a war against little Prince George for offering a dog some ice cream. We all know that some dogs are allergic to ice cream, but Prince George is just a three-year-old boy; he doesn’t know this, so are all the hateful tweets directed towards a three years old worth it?

Prince George is compared with a monster for offering his dog ice cream.

Prince George and the family dog Lubo.

The royal couple released four pictures of their child on his third birthday; one of them was of him and his Norfolk home Anmer Hall the first picture was of Prince George playing on the swing which is believed to be a wedding gift to his parents while the other shows him and the family pet, Lubo.

Some critics say that George’s innocent act was cruel, and that he shouldn’t have done that, since some dogs are allergic to dairy products as vetrinarians warn people from giving their dogs dairy product as it may give them digestive complications.

On twitter, some people criticised the child harshly, and some called him a “Monarchist Monster,” but what is the point of chastizing a seemingly innocent child? We all make mistakes. Others, however, didn’t go that harsh on the three-year-old prince; the spokesman for RSPCA said it was nice of Prince George to try to cool off the family dog, Lubo, in the high temperatures of the summer.

Prince George is compared with a monster for offering his dog ice cream.

Prince George on the swing.

RSPCA advised people to be careful, when feeding dogs human products to their dogs because it might be toxic for them. They also suggested to feed them ice lollies made from dog-friendly ingredients that will be fun for the children and the dogs will enjoy it as well.

Prince George is compared with a monster for offering his dog ice cream.

The names on the swing are his parents’ as it was a wedding gift.

Paula BoydenVeterinary Director of the Dogs Trust charity said that we all should search for methods to keep our dogs cool in the summer, but not with ice cream unless it was dog-friendly.

The mix of cow’s milk and sugar may cause digestive problems for the dogs, and if you consider giving these ingredients to your dog please consult your vet first.

In the end, William and Kate thanked all the people who were supportive of them.

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