A Reddit Post Helped A Woman In Saving Her Dog From Possible Death

This owner was able to save her dog from a vicious dog attack that was going to kill him.

A woman saved her pup from a dog attack by using information she got from Reddit

Meet Kenai.

Paige Perfect, the owner of the dog, was able to save her dog, Kenai, from two on one dog attack by using the knowledge she got from a Reddit post. One day, the owner and her dog were walking in the hall of her building, when she was encountered with two Pit Bulls, who were owned by another man in the building.

Paige and Kenai tried to run back but one of the dogs hooked his teeth in Kenai and then the other dog came to attack; Paige tried to get one of the dogs of Kenai but she wasn’t able and the other owner was able to get his one of his dogs away from Kenai.

Paige was watching her dog almost getting killed as she wasn’t able to get him away from the vicious dog, so she remembered some information she read on Reddit, where in case of a dog attack she has to grab the attacking dog by his hind legs and pull him hard, the dog won’t be able to attack her in that position.

A woman saved her pup from a dog attack by using information she got from Reddit

The wound that was done by one of the dogs.

Then the other owner came and took his dog from her hands, Paige hurried and took Kenai to the vet where he got treated for his injuries and wore a cone of shame on his neck; Kenai’s fur was too thick that’s why the dogs weren’t able to bite his neck all that they were biting was his fur.

Paige was going to watch her dog get killed from these dogs if it weren’t for that Reddit post she read when Kenai was just a puppy and she knew that somehow that was going to be very useful in the future and indeed it was.

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