She Fell On Her Knees When Her Family Surprised Her With A New Puppy!

They say all girls are more emotional within the preteen years, the teen years, and all that follows?

I say they sometimes get a bad rep because of all the hormones, highs, and lows. But I say who cares because I love emotions, is that weird? Happy tears, sad tears, laughing tears, any tears. They all show that you’re feeling something very strong, and well, this girl is no different than me when I re-watch this video when the Puppy Licks The Girls Tears Away As She Cried Out Of Surprise.
I think we all agree that this young girl is about to show a justifiable emotional reaction to this surprise package on her doorstep! Her reaction is so wonderful.

New puppy

She was so overjoyed and even starts to cry the happy tears, she looked like a kid when she started to cry from happiness and she said some non-understandable funny words.

New puppy
It seems that everyone in the house is in on this surprise, yet she still comes out in complete shock, breaking down to the floor.

New puppy
I think the best thing in the world for someone is the gift that makes him overjoyed, and this is just what happened here, it’s the best gift she’s gotten so far, hope you can get a gift that makes you that happy, enjoy the video below and see when her sister tries to take it from her, it was real funny but definitely if I was her I wouldn’t let anybody to touch my little pup! I’d never want to let go, either!

New puppy

Watch the video below to enjoy as much as I did, and don’t forget to share with us your thoughts in the comments below!

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