Shocking!! 2 Canines Kill More Than 30 Lambs In The UK

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Farmer says 11 lambs were still missing and 33 have been killed!!

A young farmer has spoken of his extreme shock after most of his flock of 56 lambs were killed by just 2 dogs!

Thomas Hadley was telephoned on Friday to say two dogs were attacking his sheep in Risbury, Leominster.

Mr. Hadley is 23 years old and when he arrived the field was “scattered” with dead and injured lambs and the dogs were still attacking other sheep.

Police sent armed officers and seized the dogs. A 64-year-old man has been also arrested and bailed.

The man, who happens to be from Leominster, has been bailed until October on suspicion of allowing a dog to be out of control and allowing a dog to kill or main livestock.

As per what a police spokesman said, the firearms officers were deployed as a “matter of precaution.”

‘Can’t trust any dog’

Mr. Hadley said 33 of the lambs, who were born in April, died from their injuries or shock or had to be destroyed.

I haven’t slept at all. We are still missing 11 lambs and these could be fatally injured lying somewhere and we have searched a two-mile radius of this place and haven’t found them.

Mr. Hadley said

Mr. Hadley, who also happens to work as a sheep shearer and livestock agent, has been breeding sheep for three years and said the whole incident had cost at least  £10,000.

I have lost the breed lines and will have to start from scratch,” he said.

People don’t realise that their dogs can do this. You can’t trust any dog around livestock.

He said

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