Sick Shelter Dog Wants One Last Happy Christmas With Forever Family


Wiffle Ball is a Terrier Mix who has been through many health issues, lately cancer. His wish to spend a nice day with family is fulfilled by a kind person.

Watch Wiffle Ball meeting his new family and eating French fries in the car!

A Terrier mix named Wiffle Ball has been having a rough year. He has faced many health issues and all happened through one year only.

Richmond Animal League, a no-kill shelter in Virginia, received the poor pup. He was very sad and sick. After examination, they soon knew what makes Wiffle Ball that depressed, it was heartworms. Heartworms were very bad that they weren’t sure if he could make it through.

He surprised everyone and survived the treatment, but he didn’t feel good as expected. They found out that he was also suffering from pneumonia. The brave dog didn’t give up too for this disease. He fought hard and managed to beat the illness and he was soon treated.

Sick Shelter Dog Spends One Last Happy Christmas With Forever Family

Wiffle Ball.

Wiffle Ball has been strong enough to recover from all these ordeals. Unfortunately, he didn’t feel well again and diagnosed him. This time, they found that he was suffering from something he couldn’t recover from, lymphoma.

Amy McCracken, of Richmond Animal League, has explained that she talked to the vet examining the canine. They discussed treatment options. Chemo would give 6-18 months. Palliative care in a loving home means six weeks-six months.

Amy explained how Wiffle Ball loved them and he trusted them for his best. They wanted him to spend this Christmas in a forever home. They first took him for a good day out and intended to take him out every day so he could enjoy as much as he can. Someone came to see him on Sunday and we will keep you updated!

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