Smart Service Dog Called 911 And Save Blind Owner From House Fire

It wasn’t the first time Yolanda called 911, she had saved her owner twice before by reaching out for help.

Yolanda, the brave service dog.

It goes without saying that dogs are awesome. They are brave, loyal, and our best friends. Canines can risk their lives to save us and they do that with great love and loyalty. Service dogs in particular are specially trained to aid their owners when they need them, which is why we can understand that a dog would bark to save an owner or even pull them out of danger, but to actually call 911? This one is new.

Yolanda the Golden Retriever proved herself to be the smartest service dog as she helped her owner in an extraordinary way. The heroic service dog was in the property in Philadelphia with her 60-year-old blind owner when a fire broke out, then proceeded to call 911.

The brave dog didn’t only call 911 on a specialized phone, but she also tried very hard to get her owner out of danger. She managed to pull her blind owner from the building and to safety.

Yolanda, the brave service dog.

After saving her, the woman was taken to the hospital. She was treated for smoke inhalation.

The Red Paw Emergency Relief Team posted on their Facebook page about Yolanda. They thanked her and mentioned that the brave dog was rewarded with food, toys, and treats for her quick and brave actions.

It wasn’t a freak incident that had Yolanda calling 911. It was the third time she had called 911 for help. Back in 2015, the woman had tripped over and fallen unconscious. The smart dog called 911 at once to come for help. In 2013, Yolanda chased two burglars from the house. Her owner went to call the police only to be surprised they were already there as Yolanda had called them from her special phone.


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