Some dogs need to be behaved and others missed you. 12 Things Your Dog Did While You Were Away

Some dogs need to be behaved and others missed you.
12 Things Your Dog Did While You Were Away

It’s important to know that your dog is not trying to cause problems.

He is just doing what comes naturally for a dog. You have to help him learn new ways to entertain himself.
Many times, the key to getting your dog to do what you want or stop doing what you don’t want gets down to using the right technique.

A basic knowledge of how behavior adjustments works can take you a long way in dealing with your dog.

There’s a simple, basic principle underlying all behavior modification techniques, which is that your dog will behave in ways that increase the chance of getting it what it wants, and cease to behave in ways that decrease the chance of getting it what it wants.


While dogs are mankind’s favorite companion, it hasn’t stopped dogs from ruffling some feathers by digging up a garden or taking a big bite out of their Ruby Tuesday-sized poo portions.

Luckily, there’s a solution for that: publicly embarrassing the guilty party. While they may not know exactly what they did, judging by the guilty looks on their faces, they know they did something wrong.


And so we present these hilarious dog shaming pictures:

Dogs can be so naughty sometimes.

Combine the behavior with their curiosity and playful natures and it means dog shaming photos are here to stay!

That’s a good thing because naughty dogs make me laugh and these 12 are great!

1/Mommy and daddy took my sister to college without me, so I pooped on the dining room table.

When they came back home, I am not sorry I missed my sister. Jake said.


2/Feeling mad and go to sleep.


3/He ate his mummy’s memorized note book.


4/Ellie said” I chewed all of the hooks of my mom’s bras!”


5/The cat won’t to get out of his room. Sibling rivalry.


6/Outrage of dog high on marijuana. We found your stash.


7/Playing with trash. He also did the diapers pail, so his mom is having a beer now.


8/Went spelunking.


9/Did the dishes.


10/Stuck. He wants some help.


11/Played hide and seek alone. Feel lonely.


12/I want you. I missed you.


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