Study Does Brain Scan To Prove Dogs Understand Human Words And Tones


They managed to scan the brain of the dogs while listening to human language to prove it.

Watch how the dog’s brain work while listening to our language!

Study shows dogs understand human language..

Attentive Hungarian dogs.

A group of Hungarian scientists published an outstanding study that proves dogs get the words we are communicating to them and the intonation we use to deliver them. That is to say that if you are going to tell your dog in a happy tone that you are taking them to the vet, they will still be upset about it.

The study has proven also that dogs process language the same way humans do! They use the same region in the brain as we do as per the study findings. They had solid proofs over these findings as they operated inside the brains of some dogs.

Attila Andics and colleagues at Eötvös Loránd University in Budapest conducted the study by having 13 family dogs of golden retrievers and border collies breeds. They instructed the dogs to stay still in an fMRI scanner for 7 minutes. They sat still for their brain activity to be measured.


Study shows dogs understand human language..

Two dogs follow their trainer instructions.

Their trainer started to communicate to them some praise words their families used to tell them like “clever,” and “well done” that they listened to in a happy tone. She also communicated some neutral words like yet or if, which doesn’t mean anything to the dogs. They heard in a neutral tone.

The researchers recorded the images of the brain activity of the dogs during listening to these words. In the video, you will see the red and yellow areas that represent auditory regions, while the green ones are the praise and reward center in their brains that is simulated by praise words.

Study shows dogs understand human language..

A dog listening to trainer.

They also found that dogs process the familiar words through their left hemisphere just like humans do, while the tone and intonation are processed through the right hemisphere. The reward center is also responsible for reactions for food and sex for dogs.

They have proven that praise words work as rewards for canines and they work even better when the words match the intonation inside their brain. So dogs can tell apart what we say and how we say it.

Study shows dogs understand human language..

Researchers see that we aren’t special as we used to see. What only makes us special is that we created our language but here you can see canines can make sense of it.

Study shows dogs understand human language..

Conducting the study.

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