The 10 Most Heartwarming Dog Rescue & Dog Transformation Stories

Here are the ten rescue and transformation stories that will melt your heart. 

These stories are from the Trio Animal Foundation, and they are about dogs who had absolutely nothing but misery and horror, then out of the blue, everything changed, and they had all the love in the world. Here are their tales.

1. Eugene


When Eugene was first found, he was a weak, malnourished, six-months-old pup with zero chances of survival. However, four months and 40 pounds later, Eugene looks a different dog altogether.

The then-scrawny pup is now an energy bomb with too many neighborhood friends and a body too big for the subway, and fortunately, he is still growing.

2. Trio


Here is the story behind the initiation of the Trio Animal FoundationTrio was a bait dog in dog fights, which cost her her hind limb. She walked on three and had 10% chance of survival.

This dog was like no other; she was destined to become an inspirational figure. She managed to recover and was adopted by Sue, the founder of the non-profit.


For the 10 years that followed, Trio cared for all injured, unwanted dogs until they found their forever homes.

3. Hippo


Hippo had a terrible mange infection that covered most of her face; she also had her ears cut off and a severe respiratory infection. Indeed, she was one miserable dog with no one to love.


Now, a few months later, take a look at this beefcake of a dog! Her foster parents can barely keep her from chewing everything and playing around.


4. Hudson


In one of the darkest, most crime-ridden streets of Chicago, a pup was found walking, covered in blood. The abused dog was called Hudson, and despite his terrible state, he woke up to greet Sue when she visited him; she says that the gentle swoosh of his tail was hitting the back of his cage.

Here is a photo of Hudson when he was first taken in:


Now, he is a completely different dog who loves nothing but to wiggle his tail. Of course, this would not have been possible, without the help of his foster parents who made him blossom into the beauty he is.


5. Eleanor


One day, a man was throwing his trash in a Chicago dumpster when he came up against something horrifying; he saw a tiny dog inside; someone must have thrown her inside because she was too small to get inside herself.

Eleanor was underweight, dehydrated, and had recently given birth to puppies; rescuers took her to the pet immediately, where she had an emergency surgery, and with the help of IV meds, fluids, and antibiotics, she made her full recovery.

She is now at her forever home with her loving mommy.

6. Mocha


When Mocha was found, she was tied to a fence with a note pinned to her collar reading: “Mocha,” which means “I cannot afford her.” She had fresh, infected, as well as scarred wounds that made her in terrible pain.

A few months later, she came out of the hospital a brand new puppy and was adopted into a loving family. Although the scars on her back will never heal, her emotional scars are gone, and only love remains.

7. Squish


She was sitting in the corner of her shelter cage with an empty gaze marking her beautiful eyes. As weeks went by, she kept getting thinner and thinner, and no one ever showed up to rescue her from becoming another horrible statistics.

TAF stepped in with the help of Project Rescue Chicago and rescued the poor thing. She was given the name Squish because of her squishy muzzle.

Her foster dad says that he hit the dog lottery by finding her.

8. Gramps


Shelter workers thought that this senior dog will never leave his cage because of his matted dirty hair and his knee injury that required surgery.

When TAF first came across this adorable fellow, they knew they couldn’t leave him to such a miserable fate. He now lives with a loving family who cherish him more than anything else in the world.

9. Mistletoe


The abused puppy came into TAF’s attention after she was brought into a local shelter; she was suffering from a severe eye trauma– she even had pus dripping from her eyesocket.

After her surgery, a loving foster family took her in, and one of their friends fell in love with her. The match was made, and now, she lives happily in her forever home.

10. Puggy


Puggy’s survival story is nothing short of a miracle; the poor thing was brought into TAFs care after being found suffering from malnourishment to the point where his skin sank between his ribs. In addition, his teeth were worn out to the gums, his fur was stained yellow from urine; he had severe lethargy, and had a green discharge from his nose. The vets even thought that he could have both male and female reproductive organs because of his enlarged nipples.

They soon realized that Puggy had heartworms and maybe even a cancerous tumor. But despite all of this, one family came forward to adopt this pup-in-need and were willing to take this fella in if it meant they could give him a few extra months to live. In the end, Puggy’s tumor turned out to be benign and the vets were able to get rid of his heartworms.

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