The 2016 Calendars For Pit Bull Lovers are Here, And They’re Awesome!

As 2015 is about to leave us, people start searching for new Calendars, but if you are a pit bull lover you might be thinking there’s not much out there for you, and you are wrong!

There’s many calendars out there for pit bull lovers, and we’ve gathered the best of them for you!



Photographer Lynn Terry¬† is well known for her pictures of pit bulls in photo booths, and she is the one who turned pit bulls into pin up models for her 2016 Calendar, there’s a very good reason for buying this calendar. In doing so, you’ll be helping Mutts n Stuff, a rescue group based in St.Louis.

You can have this one from here.


In Sophie Gamand’s 3016 Flower Power Calendar you will see shelter dogs wear flower crowns. This Calendar is an extension of Gamand’s Flower Power Photo series that aims at helping folks to rethink about pit bulls and in doing so help getting shelter dogs adopted.

According to Gaman, so far about Half of the models have been adopted. She hopes the others will also find homes soon.

You Can order it from here.


The theme of the 2016 Calendar of Pinups for Pit bulls is traveling with your pit bull dog. After all, with so many cities and countries still have laws to ban them, how hard can it be? (Saying it in a Jeremy Clarkson voice)

The profit founder and this year’s cover girl , Deirdre Frankling addressed this issue:

“Most people do not know, that in certain parts of the country, your dog can be taken away from you even if you’re simply passing through. It is important for people to know that they must research their route before taking a road trip”

You can have it from here.

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