The best dinner ever!

The best dinner ever!


We all know that a dog is a men and women best friend.

But even the most dog lovers of us would think twice before spending out £10,000 on a party for dogs.

This is exactly what Stephanie Mariam did when she adopted her new dog, Connie.

She never regrets spending all this money.


“Some people might think twice before spending money on a pet but in her opinion it was the perfect way to introduce her new dog to her family and her other dog.

Stephanie admits that she’s always enthusiastic to dogs and that she was always surrounded by dogs.


So when Busta, her 12-year-old Norwegian elkhound, had been died in October 2013, the whole family was crushed.

“It was a real disaster, but our two-year-old Pomeranian Harvey was especially heartbroken,” says Stephanie, who lives with her parents. “He’d pace miserably down the hall and refused to look at my mum, who had taken Busta to the vet. It was awful.”


One month later, Stephanie heard about some Pomeranians that had been rescued and needed adopting, she thinks that the best thing that can cheer Harvey up is bringing a new dog to him.


But by the time Stephanie had the chance to go and see the shelter; there was only one left called Connie

“She’d been through so much already,” Stephanie says. “Most of her family had died from an infection called parvo virus, which is extremely dangerous contagious. Connie was lucky to be alive. So despite her unbecoming appearance, we imediatly fell in love.


And Harvey was like me and loved her from the first sight. Once he saw her, he jumped happily and then ran straight over to her. They haven’t stopped playing till now

seeing her pups’ happy made Stephanie want to celebrate.


“They’d both been through a tough time, so I wanted to do something special for them.

Between working in a psychiatric hospital as a nursing assistant during the day and as a dance teacher in the evening, I’m too busy to spend any of my money and have saved a lot.

This seemed like the perfect chance to celebrate in doggy style.”


Stephanie asked dog party planner Louise Harris for a fantastic ‘Hollywoof’

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