The How-To of Feeding Your Puppy

Are you a first time puppy owner? Do you find your puppy’s eating habits a little worrisome? Whether they tend to overeat or choke a lot, it’s definitely time to develop a proper feeding schedule and system to ensure they grow properly and healthily. Starting out with them young will help you on the long run as they get older.


First thing’s first, develop a proper feeding schedule for your puppy. No matter how hungry your puppy looks or how much they bark or flash you those innocent puppy eyes, you need to stand firm and only feed them when it’s time to eat. They will slowly adapt to this schedule making it easier for you to control their feeding habits. You can make minor concessions when training or giving them a treat, but no full on meals.


Second of all, start as you intend to go on with regards to what food to feed your puppy. Are you going to adhere to just Kibble? Or are you going to go Raw? Or are you going to feed them whatever you eat at home? This is something you need to put a lot of consideration in. You can consult a friend and other dog parents you know to see which suited them best, for both their dog’s benefit as well as their financial states. Proper portions should also be decided with the help of you vet so that you’re not overindulging the little one, or feeding them too little, balance is everything.


Last but not least, you can help control the pace your puppy eats in so that they wouldn’t accidentally choke on their food. You can do that by either lowering the portions or making the pieces your dog eats smaller. But you can also use one of Treat Your Paw’s anti-choke feeding bowls that help pace your puppy as they eat so that they don’t gobble everything up so quickly. You can even place kibble and treats in chew toys so your puppy can play as they seek out their treats, making it a fun experience all around.


Finding the perfect diet, schedule and eating habits for your dog while young will have a great impact on both of you as well as your bonds. They won’t be eating anything you don’t give them, and will be safe from things they find outdoors or around the house. They’ll also be physically healthy and fit, making for a happy puppy and a great relationship between the two of you.


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