The Top Heartwarming Dog Moments From 2015


Days separate us from 2016. If you go through 2015, you will find that you have passed in lots of ups and down, sad moments and happy moments, somethings that changed your life in bad and good ways. As a dog lover, of course I went through 2015 remembering the most hilarious and funny dog videos, the most heartbreaking dog stories and the most heartwarming dog moments.

The real good part is the most heartwarming dog moments, each moment of them had a special effect on me, but all of them made me smile! Here are the top effective heartwarming dog moments I have remembered.

1. The Budweiser Puppy Gets Lost and Found

And of course, the number-one most popular video of the year features the beloved Budweiser puppy, who in this year’s Superbowl ad became separated from his owner. Fortunately with a little help from the Clydesdales, he’s able to make his way home again. Soak up all the emotions (and the tears) one last time—the beer company recently announced that the puppy won’t be returning for this year’s ad.


2. Last-Living 9/11 Dog Returns to NYC to Celebrate 16th Birthday

In September 2001, a Golden Retriever named Bretagne was one of dozens of dogs to travel to New York City and assist in a rescue and recovery mission at the World Trade Center following the terrorist attacks. his year, she celebrated her 16th birthday as the last known living 9/11 dog.

3. Man Reunited With Dog He Thought Perished in Tornado

In May, a series of deadly tornadoes tore through the southern states, killing several people and injuring dozens more. Andy Bouchillon and his family attempted to flee from the storm, but his truck flipped over as they were driving away. He and his family were transported to the hospital, and in the chaos, his dog Tater went missing. When Bouchillon returned to his damaged truck, he found Tater waiting for him and broke down with emotion.


4. Puppy Barks at His Own Hiccups

A small puppy took the Internet by storm when he startled himself by hiccupping. More than 11 million people watched this video of him struggling to figure out what odd sensation had taken over his tiny body.


5. Service Dog Helps Owner With Asperger’s During Meltdown

A brave woman named Danielle filmed herself having a meltdown caused by Asperger’s syndrome, a form of autism, as a way to show the public how her service dog, Samson, helps her through her struggles.


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