The Yulin Dog Meat Festival Sets Social Media On Fire Between Supporters And Activists


The controversy over the Yulin Festival continues weeks before it will take place.

Brutality against dogs at Yulin festival.

Dogs trapped in a net for Yulin festival.


Activists everywhere keep fighting against the brutal Yulin festival and yet we didn’t reach a solution. Yulin Dog Meat Festival takes place every year in June in China in which tens and thousands of dogs are butchered and eaten. The brutal act has annoyed dog lovers and activists everywhere in the globe.

The main opinion right now supports that the Chinese are heartless for slaughtering and eating those poor dogs.This opinion is highly shared among activists. They went on sarcastically saying that the Chinese still  love their dogs, but they prefer them salted.


Yulin Dog Meat Festival brutal acts

Dogs after being butchered at Yulin Festival.


There is a big cultural perception in here.While the rest of the world shares an emotional bonding with dogs considering them part of the family, the Chinese are on the contrary. They see dogs as another delicious dish to savor like frog thighs or snake fries.

They consider the 10-day festival as a proud tradition for over 400 years. The ancient Chinese believed that the dog meat stimulates body heat and wards off winters’ cold. The meat is also believed to bring good luck.


Yulin festival horrible acts' against dogs.

Dogs caged barbarically at Yulin festival.

The question here is it right to ban this festival? Rana Jen, a Chinese American, born and raised in the US said he can’t support the ban 100%. Although he is a dog lover and a volunteer with many organizations, he feels that Chinese who eat dog meat have the right to do so as It’s a civil liberty.

Keith Budd, who has spent more time in China, explained that the media portrayal of the Yulin Festival is not exactly true. The breeds of dog people usually eat are not pet dogs, They are bred for eating just like a pig or a chicken. ON the other side,many reports indicate that stolen pets end up on plates.

caged Yulin festival dogs.

Dogs at Yulin festival kept in cages.


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