There Are 11 Countries Which Eat Dogs, One Of Them Is European!


We know China does, but what other countries eat dogs?

The whole world knows about China and its famous Yulin Dog Meat Festival, but do you know that there are at least 11 countries in the world which eat dog meat?

Those countries are: China, Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, Vietnam, Polynesia, Mexico, Indonesia, the Arctic and Antarctic and two canton in Switzerland.

China: The Chinese were the first to domesticate dogs. Ancient Chinese kept them as guards, pets and they considered their meat an important source of protein.


Korea: The literal meaning of Gaegogi in Korean is ‘dog meat’. However, Gaegogi is often mistaken as the term for Korean soup made from dog meat, bosintang. This of course, has made this dish very controversial.


Philippines: The law in the Capital City of Manila specifically prohibits killing and selling dogs as food, with the exception of certain circumstances such as research and animal population control.

Indonesia: A traditional dish of the Batak Toba culture is named Saksang and is like a dog-meat stew.

Mexico: Historically, the Aztecs bred dogs for their meat, and those dogs were called Itzcuintlis. Those dogs were often pictured on pre-Columbian Mexican Poetry.

Polynesia: At the time of the first European Contact in 1769, Dog Meat was consumed in Tahiti and other islands of Polynesia.

Taiwan: It’s believed in Taiwan that eating dogs, especially black dogs, in the winter months helps retain body warmth.

Switzerland: The Swiss rural Cantons of Appenzell and St. Gallen are known to have had a tradition of eating dog meat and using the lard for medicinal purposes.

Vietnam: Throughout the country, people eat dog meat. To many northern, it’s a popular and even a little bit expensive dinnertime restaurant meal.

Arctic and Antarctic: Dogs have always been an emergency food source for people in Siberia, Alaska, Greenland and northern Canada. Usually, Sled dogs are maintained for pulling sleds, but when no other food is available, they are eaten.


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