This Blind Dog Was Trapped In Sharp Brambles Until He Found His Rescue Angels!


There are countless organizations dedicated themselves for rescuing helpless dogs who are facing horrible and dangerous situations everyday. Without these organizations’ amazing efforts, Poor dogs will never get a chance to live their life safely or find their forever homes.

In India, Animal Aid Unlimited heroes are doing their best to rescue and save helpless dogs’ lives. They are often the only animal’s advocate in India , they are working tirelessly to reach their target and mission.

This time in the heartbreaking video below, Animal Aid Unlimited received a call about a dog trapped in sharp brambles, he wasn’t trapped by accident, a security guard chased him into sharp harmful brambles where he had been trapped for 48 hours without food or water, actually she was so close to death.


The poor dog was frightened and scared as you can see in the video, Animal Aid Unlimited’s team attempted several times to pull her out and eventually they did it that was when they knew the most heartbreaking part of her story! The scared terrified poor dog is blind! She was totally unable to take care of herself! OMG! Her life is too hard to stand! 

Our heroes took her to start a new peaceful life with them, they immediately treated her sever dehydration with IV fluids, she was still a little bit terrified and seemed they started to gain her trust more and more each day. I am pretty sure that this blind dog is enjoying her new life and overcame her disability with the help of our heroes. They should be thanked for their tireless work, they are always go beyond and above the call of duty and even our expectations!

Disability is not a life’s struggle, it’s a life’s challenge!! Do you agree?!  

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