This Dog Is Luckily Reunited With His Owner After 9 Years Of Separation!

To dog’s owner, the biggest fear is losing his beloved furry friend. Losing! This is what LIoyd Goldston and his family were suffering from for 9 years!

Meet Boozer this lucky dog who got lost 9 years ago when he was just one-year old, Boozer went missing when his family were moving from Tennessee to Alabama. Lloyd Goldston and his family never gave up on Broozer, they had a faith that they will see their beloved friend one day. Goldston Kept a photo album of Broozer for 9 years. They never lost their hope so their hope came true!

Surprisingly, Last week Foothills Animal Shelter in Golden, CO sent an email to LIoyd Goldston telling him that they may have found their lost dog after checking of the dog’s microchip.

Goldston didn’t believe what he read, he was totally in a great surprise, He didn’t think twice before taking his son and daughter and drove 18 hours from their home in Alabama to reunite with Boozer on Saturday morning.

If you are wondering where and how Broozer spent these 9 years, well! Firstly,Broozer was taken to a Boxer rescue group in Tennessee when he got lost, then he was adopted and finally he was taken to Foothills Animal Shelter on Aug. 2 after the family that adopted him moved to Denver and couldn’t care for him anymore!

Foothills Animal Shelter used to check on dog’s microchip  as a precaution just in case the dog went missing in the past. Thankfully this shelter’s care and routine led to a heartwarming reunion of this lucky dog and his beloved faithful owner.


“To say it was emotional would be an understatement,” said Jennifer Strickland, a rep for the Foothills Animal Shelter. “Boozer is naturally friendly dog, but about 15 seconds went by and you could tell it really hit Boozer. He got even more excited. There was a real connection. It was wonderful to see.”

Do you wanna know the whole story and their heartwarming reunion?! Watch the video below! 

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