This Dog Takes His Nap At A Stranger’s House

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Taking his nap

One day on the afternoon a lovely dog came to the yard of a stranger man, he kept wandering there when the man noticed him, he seemed tired and sleepy, he welcomed the dog and hosted him in his house with a few pats. When the dog got in the house he walked here and there looking for something, and once he found a cozy, comfortable and a quiet spot he laid down and took a happy, needed nap.

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As the man said on his account without identifying his name or identity, he said that the dog is not homeless, which is clear from the collar he is putting around his neck and his full stomach which is clear from his fat belly. The dog took his nap and when he woke up, he let the man open the door for him to get out.

Surprisingly, at the same time on the following day, he came again to take his nap and so on, the dog did that for long weeks. The man wanted to know more about the dog and his owner, so he wrote a paper and put it on his neck, he wrote that he wants to know the owner of this lovely cute dog and mentioned that he comes every afternoon to take a nap at his place.

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He kept coming everyday

The dog came the next day holding another message from his owner which says that his name is Juno and that he lives in a house full of children, 6 kids, two of them are under three years old. And the owner asked to come with Juno the following day.

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He revealed that the reason for his desire to take a nap as his owner told him was that his house is full of noise and he can’t sleep well.

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What a lovely and wonderful story, this pup is so friendly and sweeeeet, We love you, Juno.

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Wanna hear from you guys, what would you do if you were in the shoes of this man, would you let Juno in ?

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