This Pit Bull Needs Your Help Desperately and Quickly, Could You Give Him A Chance?

A Pit bull had been waiting for over 4 years in a kennel, and now he desperately needs your help


Waldo is a beautiful dog who had been waiting all his life for a home, and it never came.

Waldo is a sweet 5 year-old, 75 pound red pit bull who was rescued as a stray dog and has been living in a kennel ever since. Waldo is such a sweet thing, he loves toys, treats and he’s always eager to please people. Waldo was picked up four years ago, he was just a puppy and he was brought to the league for Animal Protection of Huntington in Long Island. He has lived in there ever since, but unfortunately, it has been too long and he’s about to lose his kennel space and needs help to find a forever home, he needs YOUR help.


Shelters and Animal control facilities are over flowing with pit bulls. Due to the untrue reputation of being aggressive and mean dogs, it’s not easy for them to find homes. Most people have no idea how sweet and loving those dogs could be.

All his life, Waldo has never experienced what it’s like to have a home, what it’s like to have a family to love him and he loves them back.


The I heart dog site, which made the video, is trying everything they could to give Waldo another chance, they would even donate a year of free dog food to whoever steps up and adopts the dog.

If you are interested in helping adopting Waldo, please check his adoption specifics here.

If , after reading them, you feel your family could welcome a new member, you can call the League for Animal Protection at 631-757-9373 or email them at

If you can’t adopt the dog or donate, you can still help him by sharing his story.

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