Those Pets doesn’t like kisses , At all !.

Those Pets doesn’t like kisses , At all !.

A kiss is such a beautiful thing , it’s a sign of love and care , it is assigned with emotional attachment to that or this person or thing .

We are used to kiss our life partners , our kids and of course when we love them so much , our pets .

But what happens when the pet itself doesn’t want the kiss ? , yes it happens , someone can actually refuse a kiss ! , It didn’t happen to me before (with my pets of course ! ) I used to kiss my pets all the time and they never said no to it , but In this video we have a totally different story .

In the video we see how they show their owners they don’t want a kiss and how they even try to prevent it from happening .

One of the most hilarious moments in the video is at 1.00 when the man wants to land a kiss on his dog and the dog makes this annoyed and even grunting sound while leaning away and turning his head away as if he wants to avoid eye contact with his owner , this is one dog who doesn’t like kisses at all .

Those Pets doesn’t like kisses , At all !.

One of the funniest moments also in the video is at 0.42 with the cat who puts her hands on her owner’s mouth to prevent her from kissing it , she also tries to prevent her owner from getting any where near her with her mouth as if she doesn’t even like her owner at all , and I have to say this is very strange as cats normally wants to be hugged and kissed all the time , they are much lazier than dogs so you could find them laying around the house waiting for you to hug , kiss and play with her fur to get her to do anything other than laying around all day ! .

The video is a compilation of such a hilarious moments and it is so funny you will probably watch it more than one time .

As always the link to the video is right below , we hope you could enjoy it and that it makes you laugh as it made us ! .

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