Tick Season is on The Doors

With summer slowly seeping in, a wave of creepy crawlies will be invading as well. These insects aren’t just annoying to be around, but they come in with a myriad of diseases we need to defend against. Some, such as fleas and, even worse, ticks, don’t just bother us, they also take a great liking to our pets.


This tick season is thought to be worse than before, with ticks coming in full vigor, particularly to those who live in areas surrounded by nature and grass as well as widely being inhabited by animals. Which is why we need to be on the lookout for them as they come carrying diseases such as  Lyme disease and anaplasmosis.


Ticks have a tendency to latch onto warm areas on your dog. One of the places ticks like to hide is under a dog’s collar, due to it being hidden and less likely to be detected. As for other places they can be found is near a dog’s genitals, inside their ears, near the eyelids, and even between their toes, making them very hard to detect and definitely uncomfortable for your dog.


How to deal with finding ticks on your dog? As long as your dog doesn’t show active signs of a serious illness, you can treat them at home. There are various ways to deal with the problem, such as with collars, vaccinations, special flea & tick treatments and sprays. You need to comb through your pet’s fur with a fine-toothed comb to find any that are burrowed deep into the skin. One thing you need to ensure you do if you’re taking the ticks out manually, you need to get the entire tick, especially the head, out. Otherwise, it will cause an infection or disease in your dog. A good way to do it with our Tick Twister Hook, it helps you remove the tick without accidentally severing its head. However, if your dog starts to show signs of pain, joint pain, lethargy or fever, then you need to take them straight to the vet.


Be careful this tick season, watch out for yourself and your canine as well as your feline friends. Ticks can cause a lot of harm, so spraying the area and protecting both your home and family should be a priority. Stay safe!

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