How To Train Your Dog On Controlling Their Excessive Barking


Ways to teach your dog to bark on command and limit their excessive barking at anything.

Watch the video of the ways to stop your dog from barking all the time!

Dogs always love to bark. It is their way of communication and sometimes it is their way to relieve anxiety or fear. As much as we love them, we don’t love their loud excessive barking. It always creates some problems and become very annoying.

But dogs are smart and they can learn to control their barking. They just need your help and your readiness to teach them. It will take you time and some treats but you it’s worthy.

The video above shows you how to exactly to train your dog on controlling  their barking behavior. It shows some common situations in which your dog is likely to bark, like when another dog is nearby or when someone knocks on your front door.Each scenario has specific tips

Each scenario has specific tips but there are common things to consider when training your dog. The tricks behind barking training are:

Be Consistent: 

Giving your dog the same reaction on each of the things they aren’t supposed to do will help them understand that they need to follow your command, like not giving attention when they bark.

Reward Quiet:

Once you notice your dog quiet and calm, reward them with treats or praise. with time, they will relate being quiet with something good they are rewarded for.

Exercise Patience:

Some dogs take longer than others. Every dog needs many tries before they fully understand a training. So, give them the time they need and be sure that the time will be worthy at the end. Also, create words to mark the progress your dog makes so you know when to move to next level.

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