My Dog Eats Poop -What You Should Know About Coprophagia In Dogs


This may come as a surprise to many, but this is more common than you would think

” Eww! It’s disgusting, how could they do that?”

We know it may come as a surprise to many, but a dog eating poop (whether his own or not) is actually one of the common problems dog owners face and one of the most frequently asked questions dog owners ask their veterinarians, and Google, apparently.

This is indeed a revolting subject for some, but it does exist, which is why we must address it. The technical term for Stool eating is Coprophagia.

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Eating poop is more common in dogs than you think

Coprophagia is a disgusting, inappropriate behavior that many dogs display. In this article, we are going to discuss the medical reasons that might cause it, the behavioral causes, and we are going to leave you with some suggestions that might help you deal with the problem.

Why Dogs Eat Poop? Medical Reasons

There are many reasons why dogs eat poop. Sometimes, there is an underlying medical problem which is causing the behavior, a problems such as enzyme deficiency or pancreatic insufficiency. Intestinal malabosorption and GI parasites could also be the medical reasons behind this problem as they are quite popular.

Veterinarians often recommend that dog owners bring their dogs and have their stool checked for parasites every six months. Even if your dog is healthy, eating poop could give your dog intestinal parasites, which makes the twice-a-year stool analysis quite important for your dog’s health.

Dog eat poop

The pancreas of a dog secretes digestive enzymes that aids in food digestions, however, many dogs don’t make enough enzymes so they wind up deficient. A dog with deficiency may try to ingest poop as the feces of other animals are considered to be a good source of digestive enzymes, so he may try to ingest enzyme-rich poop.

As a matter of fact, rabbit poop is a rich source of enzymes, and it is also a rich source for B vitamins, which is the reason many dogs will, if given the opportunity, scarf up rabbit droppings without hesitation.

Many veterinarians believe that the problem is more common with dogs who live on processed dry food diets, it’s believed that dogs will try to seek out other sources of digestive enzymes in order to make up for a chronic enzyme deficiency which has been caused by their inappropriate diets.


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