What’s the best number of puppies to live with? 16 obviously!

Living with a puppy is an experience that can never be forgotten, it’s one of those one in a life time experiences that teaches you so much and leaves you a different person, or it should.

Living with a puppy teaches you to care, makes you feel responsible for someone and teaches you to pay attention all the time, because one moment the puppy could be sleeping and a moment later a disaster could be on its way, so it’s not a really easy way to live but it’s one experience like no other.

Not only does living with a puppy teaches you that, but it’s TOO Fun!, puppies are so cute and they can make your day much more fun even if you spend with them just a couple of minutes, they will brighten your day and put a smile on your face.

It’s always like that with puppies, they sleep half of the day, drive you crazy two thirds of the other half and then they remind you of why it’s worth it in the remaining time, and no one can resist them.

But if living with one puppy could be so much fun, how about living with two puppies? or three, maybe four?

They would be a lot harder to take care of, but it’ll also be much much more fun.

So, what do you reckon is the correct number of puppies to live with to achieve Maximum fun, the most fun anyone would ever have with puppies?

Well, Having watched this video i have to say, the answer must be 16 puppies.

16 puppies, can you just imagine that, imagine 16 puppies running around howling and playing, this has to be a dream!

If you want to see how much fun it is- and you DO want to see it- then you should watch the video right below, it’s just incredibly cute!


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