Wheaten Terrier Diving Dog Almost Wins In Diving Championships


Krista proves that she can also be a water dog and she was an inch from being in the top 1o in the diving championships.

Wheaten Terrier Diving Dog Almost Wins In Diving Championships

Krista the diving Wheaten Terrier.

Krista is a wheaten terrier from Hawthorne. She proved that she can compete with other Retriever and water dogs in diving. She managed to come within an inch of being in the top 10 at the national championships Saturday in Orlando, Fla.

Dorice Stancher has trained Krista for the championship. She explained that the r 7-year-old soft coated wheaten has given 110 percent of her energy. She has done her best as she jumped 10-feet-2-inches. Stancher was proud of her and said the sweet dog loved water.

The champ dog has been awesome too in the preliminary events during the week preceding the championship finals. She managed to swim with one first-place ribbon and two third-place awards.

Wheaten Terrier Diving Dog Almost Wins In Diving Championships

Dorice Stancher of Hawthorne with Charlie, left, and Krista.

On Saturday, the finals took place at the Orange County Convention Center. Krista entered the competition among 30 dogs. They were Labradors and other Retrievers. There were also German Shepherd and an old English sheepdog.

Most of these dogs were bigger than her. But Kristy was very happy and enthusiastic. The smart dog ran and jumped high in the water and made people very happy to see her. This crowd made her more enthusiastic while making other dogs anxious. They didn’t even jump.

The crowd was very happy to see Krista because no dog of her breed had ever competed in diving events. Being the first time for her and coming to one inch away from the tenth place was in itself winning.

Krista wasn’t only a breed that wasn’t meant to be a water dog, she was even injured not so long ago. But she recovered soon to participate in the competition.

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