You should make DNA test – the results may be Hilarious

You should make DNA test – the results may be Hilarious

A man rescued a dog from a shelter.

He takes him every day for a walk at the area of neighborhood.

One day when he walks with his dog he meets a girl who has two dogs one German Sheppard and a Duxityria Mix. She asked him about the kind of his dog.


He answered that he doesn’t care about his dog’s kind because he is rescue dog.

 He thought he is Basenji.

But the girl thought that he is little bit Chihuahua.

She advised him to do DNA test because she did that.

He met another girl and she said “he looks like golden Retriever pet”.

So, each one asks about his dog’s breed, but he couldn’t answer.


Someone told him this is graian dog, he also advised him to get the DNA test.

Another one said he looks like a Bit Pull.

Another person advised him also to do DNA test to get this done and to know the kind of the dog.

All the people they met him ask about his breed.

But he got confused about his dog because he didn’t know his dog breed and all of them advised him to make the DNA test.


So, he brings the DNA test and takes the sample from his mouth. He asks his dog “what are you”?

He told his neighbor that he did the test and they hope fine for him. The result finally came.

He opened envelop to see what kind of dogs he had rescued.

He is Mix from eyes, passed Chihuahua, German Sheppard and the body of small tears.

But he chocked from something found in the massage, he found dog’s hand print, some pictures of died women. He gets fear and confused about his dog. A picture from those found the dog wears sun glasses.


He said” no one needs to know, we will keep that between us”. He burn that file.

At the next day he met the same friends’ neighborhood. He said to her” I did the DNA test” so she answered” great! What kind that dog is?”


“He is mixed of a lot of breeds” he answered.

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